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Muting the iPhone mic?

Hi all,

I've only just started using the Loopy app on my iPhone so I'm totally new to this. I use it in combination with a bluetooth speaker (no mic or headphones; the speaker occasionally causes feedback which I like), and plan to use it for a performance in two weeks. Is there an option to mute the internal iPhone mic in the app? I want to create a loop, let it play (without recording or anything, this would take too long), and speak over the loop in a separate microphone (which is connected to a PA system). However, the iPhone microphone keeps amplifying my voice and I'd like to mute that without stopping the loop. Is this in any way possible? Thanks for helping out!


  • Yep! Just disable monitoring in settings.

  • God I can't believe how easy that was. Thanks Michael! And thanks Loopy for developing such a well-considered app!

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