Suggestions for future updates.

Hi Michael.

Great work! I was considering buying a loopstation when i figured i'd search for an app, $8 later i have loopy on all my devices!!!

Currently i have 2 suggestions for a future release:
1.) input volume control. I run a mixer into the line in/headphone port of the iPad, It is difficult for me to find a monitor level that i can sufficiently hear what i am playing while not clipping the signal in Loopy, if i could reduce the input volume in the app, i could turn up the monitor level on the mixer.

2.) A MIDI function to "Record selected track, mute track after record, select next track and record" so that i could record an A and a B part on 2 separate tracks without stopping.

I hope that was clear. Everything is great. I can work around those issues for now, Just some things i would like to see (if you get enough requests that is, i don't expect you to cater to lil' old me).

Thanks for a great app!


  • Could you use an aux send on your mixer to feed loopy? That way you can monitor at whatever level you need and control the amount going to loopy independently. If one of your auxes is pre-fader, even better. I do this with my mixer but I have extra auxes. If you don't have extra aux sends and you're ok with running in mono, you could use the pans to drive you monitoring/send to loopy. Send the left to your monitors and the right to loopy. Adjust the pan on your instrument to determine how much signal is going to loopy.

    Not a single action but if you arm a new track while one is recording, loopy will switch to (and start recording on) the new track as soon as the first one is finished. Can't quite remember the combination of settings required to achieve that but it's definitely doable.

  • Thanks for the suggestions Syrupcore.

    I should probably look into some different sends on my mixer.
    It's not very full featured, so I'll have to mess with it.

    As far as the actions you described, are you aware of a way to get the first track to mute once it is done recording (without manually muting it)? I know there is definitely a "record and select next track" action in the MIDI list, but i need that first track to mute once it's done recording.


  • Thanks Skeet!

    I've been meaning to check out the possibility of adding (1) - just haven't gotten around to it yet, but it's definitely on my radar =)

    (2) is potentially a bit beyond scope, although I'm strongly considering it, now you've brought it up. I can see the appeal, for rapidly building up a set without the jumble. Hmm...

    Regardless, I'm planning to build a greatly enhanced control system (which will be an in-app purchase to actually fund the work) that allows not just multiple actions per trigger, but also sequenced actions, so the first trigger activates one of a number of actions, then moves through the list with each successive trigger. That should take care of your needs there, I suspect, even if I decide against (2).

  • pardon my butting in... but I see you mention that you are running audio from your mixer into the ipad headphone in/out jack. I am trying to do the same, unsuccessfully... I've got an rca -> 3.5mm stereo cable from my mixer's tape outs working fine into my macbook but none of my ipad apps seem to hear anything. @elskeetro, what's your secret?

  • I'm only guessing here, so take it with a grain of salt, but I think because the iPad/iPhone/etc's headphone jack is multipurpose (both out and in), you may need to use a 4-terminal plug for audio in, not the standard 3-terminal plug.

  • Yes, I see that now - I believe I need a TRRS 3.5mm plug on one end.


  • sorry for the delay. but yes. i am using a TRRS 3.5mm's a "pic" of my setup.

    (Note that i'm not using the m-audio midisport uno, but a generic one mentioned in my setup post)

  • OH! and how forgetful of me...THANK YOU MICHAEL!!! for listening and considering my suggestions.

  • You're most welcome; thank you for the suggestions =)

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