Can loopy be controlled using the iRig stomp?

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Hi All,

I've just purchased the iRig stomp and I'm looking for a decent looper app that could potentially be used in conjunction with it. I already use the everday looper but don't use it with a footpedal which can be a bit of an inconvinience. I'm not the best tech person really so feel free to talk to me in a 'Loopy For Dummies' fashion.. ha.




  • Sorry, no, not controlled. You can use it along with loopy and your external gear though. The stomp is an audio routing pedal. You'll need a midi or Bluetooth pedal to actually control loopy functions.

  • I see, thanks a lot. Do you think it would be possible to use the irig stomp with irig midi in order to operate Loopy - in terms of starting and stopping record?

    Also, if not, can you recommend any ipad compatible foot pedals that would work well with loopy, potentially for the budget conscious?

    Thank you

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    You'd still need some sort of midi foot pedal to send messages to the irig midi (which converts standard midi messages coming to it into something your iDevice can understand).

    I'm not sure what's out there for midi pedals these days. I use an old boss effects unit via midi because it's what I had. I'm sure there are better options. Lots of people around here like the behringer fcb1010 but you'll still need something like the irig midi to get your idevice to recognize it. There may be cheaper all-in-one solutions - I'm just not up on it. Someone here will chime in though. You can also search the forum for 'pedal' and see what's already being discussed.

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