Synchronizing Volcas to Loopy

I just figured out the 4/4 setting to get the BPM perfect manually.
(Press play on the volca to the beat of the metronome)
Is there a way to Synchronize a Volca to Loopy Automatically?
Press play and they both go.
And with the Volca going into Loopy to record.
This is the best thing I can think of.
*Synch Loopy Ipad - iPhone SyncKontrol (WIST)
*iPhone - cv jack of Volca (3.5mm)
*Volca headphone - Ipad (audio interface)

Too messy or any easier way?


  • Seems a bit messy - if it were me I'd just use MIDI sync from Loopy to the Volca. But if you don't wanna plug the Volca into your iPad, then you could just run SyncKontrol on the iPad in the background; no need to introduce the iPhone into the equation.

  • I fully agree! Volca into the ipad is perfect!
    How do I use MIDI sync from Loopy?
    I just youtube searched...I didn't really find anything.

  • You’ll find all the configuration in Settings, then Clock Sync. Let me know if you need any more direction!

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