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Syncing clock with external apps with count-in


I’m a bit new with iPad music and Audiobus ecosystem. I am having much fun with Loopy, but I still have some difficulties trying to use it to match my needs, especially while working with Audiobus.

What I am trying to do is to jam or play live using loops incrementally set with Loopy, but in sync with other apps (Rock Drum Machine, on Funk Drummer, for example). The problem is I work with long loops (12 to 48 bars), and that I would like to have

  • a short count-in of 2 bars (in order to avoid waiting one complete clock before playing),
  • and to keep the clock in proper sync (bar-wise) with the drum machine.

The latter to have a proper sync of the fills played by the drum machine: for example if I have a clock length of 12 bars (in Loopy) and set the fills every 12 bars (in Rock Drum Machine), the fill will occur on the last bar of loopy clock.

In Audiobus, I create two buses: one with the instrument and Loopy and the other one with Rock Drum Machine. I sync everyone using Ableton Link. I set a count-in of two bars in Loopy. When I start everything by touching a loop circle, I have a random count-in duration and the bars are not in sync between the Drum Machine and Loopy.

Could anyone help me with this issue? Is it possible to do this with Loopy/Audiobus?

Kind regards,

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