How to record track 1, mute it, and immediately record track 2?

When I first downloaded Loopy HD I was impressed with all of the MIDI commands I could pick from to make my looping work perfectly. Unfortunately I am having trouble translating that promise into reality. Understand that, for my purposes, I am running a MIDI file to trigger Loopy through MIDI CC's, so I am not limited by pedals at all, but I am trying to understand how to streamline the files and use the fewest commands needed to accomplish a goal.

One of my biggest frustrations is with trying to record Track 1, immediately stop it, and Record Track 2 without interruption. The most streamlined way to do this would appear to be "Toggle Record, then Mute Track 1" (TRMT1) and have "Toggle Mute Track 2" (TMT2) command immediately following this. With a quarter note count in selected, the commands should happen as desired. I am finding very hard to implement this.

Anyone have any insight? Here was my sequence of commands:
TRMT 1 TMT1 (to close the loop) /TMT2 TMT2

I did get it to work with one song, but does not work consistently. This seems like it should be easy.

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