Multitrack record?

Recently got an RC505. It's great, but I now realise I can't record multitrack performances from it for later mixing. Strictly stereo out.

Can loopy stream to multiple outs on a compatible audio interface?

Or better yet, can I route it internally on the iPad to a DAW like Cubasis? (I know audio routing tech on iOS is on flux right now, not sure what latest version is)



  • Yep, you sure can! With Audiobus, you can do both, on a track by track basis.

  • Amazing, thanks Michael!

  • Any chance someone can explain how to do this? Would actually love to know how to both send inputs to specific tracks within Loopy AND choose discreet outputs coming out of Loopy. When I search for these terms, I either find discussions from 2013 on how it isn't possible OR discussions like this one that say "now you can do that!" but nothing that actually shows how. I am pretty new to all of this, so maybe it is just my ignorance on how midi works, but I feel like I put hours into trying different combinations of things that sort of make sense. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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