Sync Loopy HD to external Hardware MIDI

I've searched for the answer to what I thought must be a common question, but no luck, so apologies if this is a repeat.

I have an external hardware device that sends midi sync connected to my ipad via midi interface and CCK. This sync signal reaches another IOS app (Beat-machine) so I know the signal has reached some part of IOS.

However I don't see a way to configure this connection into Loopy HD. In settings, the 'clock source' is a greyed-out, not selectable 'IAA Sync Active'. By contrast, on the 'clock destination' I can see my midi interface, but I want to receive the external clock, not send to it.

I've hunted through the rest of settings but can't see anything relevant, but I've seen mention that elsewhere that Loopy is one of the better apps for midi sync.

What am I missing ? Do I need another app ? Is there a setting I've missed ?

TIA, Andy

P.S. the hardware device is Digitech SDrum, not sure that makes much difference, as I know the other app is getting the sync.


  • Wow, that’s strange @bibenu ! That should definitely be working. Out of curiosity, have you tried quitting loopy and restarting it?

  • Oh wait - I was distracted and missed the obvious. Turn off Ableton Link and IAA sync, then you’ll be able to access midi.

  • Ahh .. my bad ... should have spotted that .. thank you.

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