Any way to synchronize imported loops of different length?

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Any way to synchronize imported loops of different length? without any time stretching!

Hi, I am really beginning to worship this App, Its nearly about to replace my Jamman!!

Sorry in advance if this is confusingbut I will try and explain best I can!!!

Excuse me if this has been asked before but the way I play is I prepare my loops in BIAB (As I play mainly Jazz) I usually split the loops into section A and B etc. and stick them into Jamman and step through them as required (I can select the next loop, say B, while A is playing and B won’t play until A is finished) This works great for me!

Loopy (with in/out mute on) does this fine with imported loops that are the same length which covers about 80% of my set list as the A and B sections are the same amount of bars!

I am struggling when a tune has an A and B section that are different lengths i.e. if the A section is 16 bars and the B section is 8 bars the pretty spinning wheels go all out of sync and B finishes and A is still catching up!!!

Is there any to sync them even though they are different lengths without harming the tempo of the shorter loop? (No stretching)

Thanks for you patients!



  • Not sure if the is a better solution for your problem but if its infrequent, you could copy the loop into an editor first, double it in length and then paste it back in.

  • Hi syrupcore, thanks , that would just double up the phrase which is OK on some tunes!
    The only way I can do it is to "Re-Amp" it in using the mulitply/divide utilities! Just wondering if Loopy can do this internally!

    Thanks for the feedback though ;)


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