Michael, why do you only allow MIDI CC through the method of sending the incoming Midi? When we know our CC data it would be much more convenient just to enter it manually.

And will Loopy Pro be out in the near future?


  • Because it was easier to build it that way, and most people just want the midi learn approach. Loopy Pro does allow manual selection.

    No, no the very near future.

  • I am not using a Midi device to trigger Loopy, like a foot pedal. I have created running Midi files that run with a click and automatically trigger record and play functions. So manual selection would have been nice. As it is, I just created a long midi file with CCs 0-127 and had it learn each, then set up the functions. Not a huge deal I guess.

    I will say that Loopy is dream. I have it working to replace my Pigtronix Infinity Looper and so far so good, once I figured things out. I use it with Bandhelper, which provides my setlists and scrolling lyrics, as well as sending Preset data to my Midi capable pedals at song start. For songs where I loop I run an mp3 Click track from Bandhelper with a Midi file playing in parallel which not only runs Loopy, it also changes Presets on my guitar Pedal loop switcher (Mastermind PBC). I use the looper to loop bass lines and guitar parts for my 2 man band (drums and me). I addition I often play simple bass lines and synth backing using my feet with a set of basspedals. I am using an RME Babyface for my audio routing, along with their Totalmix app, and Audiobus to help make sure apps work well together.

    I tried Quantiloop, but it just did not seem to work well with Bandhelper. My Infinity looper is being repaired, but probably will consider helping if things keep going well with Loopy.

    I am looking forward to Loopy Pro!!!!

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