Is Loopy HD Right for Me?

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I would like to throw my setup out there and see if Loopy is right for what I do:

I use Bandhelper to run my guitar rig, providing Midi Presets for all of my Midi enabled guitar pedals. After some frustration with trying to loop live with my Pigtronix Infinity Looper, I discovered the concept of running a Midi File from Bandhelper in parallel with my mp3 backing tracks. This is fairly stable and workable, but I want to move beyond with more loops, and more flexibility in Midi control.

One thing that makes this set up work well with mp3 backing tracks is the Infinity's "auto zero record", which basically recalibrates the midi clock timing to the first time you record a track. So I can carefully, with a little trial and error, line up "Record Track 1" with the beat on the mp3, and this now corrects for the inevitable offset between the mp3 track and the midi clock (as long as they have the same tempo). Bandhelper provides my tempo/Midi clock source.

I purchased an RME Babyface and have been trying to get the same concept working using Bandhelper/Quantiloop and the TotalMix app that controls the Babyface. I am about to pull my hair out. I am having a hard time replicating my Infinity success. I have gotten it working on a couple of songs, but there seem to be software glitches...might work fine then select the song again and it might fail to record the first loop. Have had some weird behavior with the mp3 backing tracks not playing on occasion and need to restart or even reboot the Bandhelper app. Again, have been using this app for live use a while, so all of this seems to be adverse behavior between apps. Using a relatively new iPad Pro, so doubt it is the issue.

So I am considering trying Loopy HD after reading some user recommendations. Reading the wiki, it seems to have a version of the auto zero record idea that has been a big help with synchronizing loops to an mp3. Wondering if anyone has used it with Bandhelper and any Babyface users. Also wo seeing what Audiobus adds to this setup....have read about people using it. Seems it might perform similar Function to the Babyface's Totalmix as far as routing, but the Totalmix actually controls the Babyface settings so not sure I want to eliminate it.

Any input would be appreciated...just wanted to get some feedback before purchasing yet another app


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