I have some question which i want to ask

Hello, and first of all thanks for your fantastic app. Been searching the forum but couldn't find any answers to this, let's see if this question makes sense :)
I'm currently using it for my live sets, synced to my MPC 1000. Anyway, because of the way the MPC works, I find myself having to hit STOP on the MPC if I want to go to the next sequence after having recorded some drums. This will make the looping audio on LoopyHD stop abruptly, too. Is there any way of adding some decay just after an incoming 'STOP' midi message? I'm just trying to find a way of making the transitions smoother when I have to change from one sequence to another on the MPC...
Many thanks!!


  • Thanks @Celena! Hmm... I can't think of a way to make that work, right now, aside from using a different clock source than the MPC. Loopy can send clock too - what about making Loopy the clock master?

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