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Loopy with Garageband HELP

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I really love Loopy. I have no trouble looping guitar and michrophone, but I'd love to make loops with other virtual instruments from GB like beats and synths. I haven't been able to figure out how nor have I seen in depth tutorials. Can anyone she'd some light on the topic for me? Last time I tried Audiobus some months back it didn't seem to work well with the these apps.


  • Welcome, I love loopy also :)

    So, when you start using Audiobus with Loopy, yes your options for sounds open up to hundreds of apps for additional synths, beats. Apps with IAA or AUv3 can be loaded in to Audiobus and routed to Loopy easily. Here’s a good list to start: https://audiob.us/apps/

    The problem is that GarageBand is blocked. Apple is not willing to let us record/ perform GarageBand live audio stream to other apps such as Loopy. Apple would have to re-write GarageBand to be a live instrument instead of just an audio host (currently GB is only for recording its own sounds internally and hosting other instruments)

    Now, If you just need to pre-build GarageBand loops that you will use as backing tracks, yes you can do that. There is plenty of info available on “exporting GarageBand iOS to .wav” which you can then import to a Loopy track.

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