'Toggle record then mute' from GUI

edited September 2019 in Support and Feedback

Hi @Michael, I have successfully used the MIDI binding 'toggle record then mute' and it works well. But, is there any way to access this feature from one of the track menus or something - ie without having to use a MIDI binding?

If not, would you consider adding it please? For example, When you use a 'swipe down' gesture over a recorded track, this currently brings up a 'Re-record / Clear / Cancel' menu. Could a 'swipe down' gesture over an empty track bring up a menu with something like 'RecThenMute / Cancel' ?

(I guess the menu could actually be three options like 'RecThenMute / X / Cancel' if that saves you coding work by allowing you to re-use your 'Re-record / Clear / Cancel' menu object. 'X' could be some other feature that's not currently reachable without MIDI or it could even be 'RecordThenOverdub' since I find using a thumb and a finger to trigger overdub a little awkward on smaller devices)

Thanks for such an amazing product :smile:


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