Loopy HD 1.3 and Loopy 2.4 is here!

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The next version of Loopy's on its way - here!

The main new stuff is support for Bluetooth pedals like the AirTurn and Cicada (as well as any Bluetooth keyboard). This uses the same system as the MIDI control, so you can do all the same stuff. It's pretty neat.

There's also some dramatically improved clock code in there, which offers new behaviour when using the x/÷/+/- clock length controls. Pressing "+" and "-" will now increase or decrease the clock by the current fraction/multiple of a bar, rather than always increasing/decreasing by 1 bar. So, for example, if you're at half a bar, and press "+" twice, you end up at 1.5 bars.

Also, pressing "÷" at 1 bar will divide the length by your current time signature. So, at 3/4 time, you can shift down to 1 crochet, a third of a bar. At 5/4 time, you're at a fifth of a bar.

All in all, it gives you new options for putting interesting rhythms against each other, and better support for non-4/4 time signatures.

There's a bunch of other relatively minor improvements in there, including a fix for that damn freeze-on-startup bug that's been plaguing us.

Here's a summary of all that's new:

  • Added support for Bluetooth pedals like the AirTurn and Cicada, and Bluetooth keyboards
  • Added iPhone 5 support
  • Enhanced support for alternative time signatures
  • Improved clock length manipulation, with more flexible behaviour for "+" and "-" buttons
  • Rearranged Settings screen for easier understanding
  • Added "Cancel pending actions" MIDI action
  • Keep MIDI device connections over multiple sessions
  • Ask for a session name when saving for the first time
  • Assorted bug fixes and optimisations

Also: I know, I know. Undo/redo, effects, track colours/labelling, and a bunch of other stuff: There're firmly on my to-do list, right up near the top. I'm flat-out pulling Audiobus over the finishing line - a project I'm more excited about than is proper and manly. The odd squee every now and then isn't entirely out of the question. But please believe me, I'm really excited about these Loopy features and will be kicking 'em into production soon.

Thanks, as always, for your support, energy and inspiration. I love you guys!


  • Voila! It just hit the App Store. Lemme know how it goes!

  • Michael, I think I speak for everyone everywhere when I say, "words cannot express the gratitude we all feel for your work"... and for someone somewhere by answering once and for all the question of whether it will go 'round in circles or fly high like a bird up in the sky... it will go 'round in circles, amen. RIP Billy Preston.

  • Congrats Micheal. Well done.

  • Thank you so much, guys =)

  • Am I the only one who's having big problems with MIDI in this new version?

  • (If you are having MIDI problems, I'd be very interested to hear about it - leave a comment on this thread)

  • For what are the "Key bindings"?

  • Bluetooth =) (see e.g. AirTurn, Cicada wireless pedals)

  • I also use an fcb1010 and would love the feature to save my binding settings as a file in Itunes File sharing. That way I could easily transfer to my ipod touch and not go through the whole process again if I have to delete and re install.

  • That would be neat - I've got an item on my to-do list for import/exportable binding configurations. It's a crowded todo list though.

    You can already do this if you use the (free) iExplorer Mac/PC app, I think. Just copy the preferences file from Loopy » Library » Preferences over.

  • Oh, awesome! I will look into that. Also, it isn't possible to trigger multiple loops with one binding is it? That'd be another great feature for live sequencing.
    I'm really looking forward to integrating this more into my live set. C:

  • Not right now, nope, but this will happen in the future.

  • That's very kind =)

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