Help with midi mapping

hello, new to loopy and midi foot switches, not to midi or live looping per se.

I just got this footpedal (MeloAudio MIDI Commander), and it seems there is no option to have a 'momentary' switch type behavior - which is annoying in itself, though, I probably just need to configure it somehow.

However this problem becomes more evident in how loopy doesn't seem to have a 'single click = single loop record' behavior.
I really like how loopy does a "record one take" kind of thing when you touch one of the loop buttons, but there doesn't seem to be a way to map this exact same functionality with midi... I have to click my controller 2 more times (to set the value back to 0, then back to 127) to toggle the loop recording. it's a bit annoying having to do 3 clicks (4 including a full state reset) to record a single loop. also sometimes 1 bar loops are fast and there is hardly time to perform your piece and get all these clicks in.

Tips? Maybe I am just doing it wrong?


  • Yeah, toggle controls are annoying - the way to work around it is to do two mappings, one with the on state, and one with the off state.

  • Thanks I will give this a shot

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