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click issues

just purchased Loopy Hd for the purposes of looping brain frequencies however im getting clicks with each sample which i don't get using my SP-404SX or digitakt for example. Since they are pure waves (very small samples as well) im not sure why i get this issue. Grateful for any advice. I've switched of the gate in the app as well but no difference. Its currently being run on an iPhone 7 plus with the latest iOS 12 O.S.


  • Hey @testcard - bugger, I'm sorry to hear that. Any chance of getting a recording of one of these samples playing in Loopy (maybe with Loopy's "REC" session recording feature), so I can take a look close up at the clicks to maybe get an idea of what's happening? And perhaps one of the original samples, so I can see if I can reproduce that here? Also, to cover the obvious: tried rebooting your device? And are you just running Loopy on its own, or other apps too? You can email stuff to [email protected].

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