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Importing loops advice

Hi all ive been using loopyhd for simple playback of loops for writing rehearsing for a long time but have always found importing hit and miss. For a long time using the itunes app method I had some loops appear and many not - I still have along list in itunes that wont appear - I tried samplerates and bitrate versions with no consistency and dont understand why ? - note I have an aversion to syncing in itunes and prefer manual for everything. I did discover airdrop as most reliable but it wont allow for folders of loops though does avoid having to connect up. I tried audiocopy but cant find a way to paste into loopyhd so ho hum - im on ios 12 on ipad.

My other question would be how to remove a loop from a session for which ive always just recorded silence over.


and sorry but ive read thru forum



  • Hey @mickblah. Yeah, media management is a little sketchy right now; I'm currently working on iCloud support, which should make everything a lot easier. AudioCopy (the app) is a bit dodgy, and Loopy doesn't support it directly, although Loopy does support copying and pasting audio. You can also AirDrop multiple files at a time.

    Anyway, stand by, iCloud is coming soon.

    You can clear loops by swiping across the loop, then tapping Clear.

  • Thanks for the clarity Michael - I find a mixture of airdrop and zips thru itunes to be a good workflow - airdrop for speed and ease and zips for organisation. If I could close the folders view in the import library and airdrop zip files to loopy ........... Anyway all good. now i have to sort and rearrange all the loops ive used in the past mick

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