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What am I missing here ?

1 When i share a loop, and save to dropbox it saves it as M4a.
2 When i share and try to open in, only two apps out of my long list of apps will actually open it, audioshare and twisted wave, everything else either does nothing, or just says cant open file.
3 There is no files app support ?

So what am i missing here ?
I bought this today because it is supposedly the best looper, but just those three things above have made it a walled garden that is completely useless to me personally, how has there been no update to make it actually work with files for starters, i mean, just save the aiffs to a files folder, how hard is that for the main audio developer on IOS ?
The long talked about "Fancy" version of this app never appaer as after years, so why not actually update this and make it useful without having to resort to nonsense like imazing and so on ?


  • Calm down, buddy!

    Save to Files by holding your finger on a pad, then tapping Share, then "Save to Files":

    Bring content in from Files by selecting the media you want to import, tapping "Share" at the bottom in Files, then selecting "Copy to Loopy HD".

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