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Problems with Loopy metronome and confusion about 'Monitoring'

HI, everyone -

Great forum! So cool that the developer is listening to the user. Loopy is an app that could be a game changer for me, if I can figure out how to use it properly. I have a problem, though - I hope someone can help. For reference, see a diagram of my setup below my text. iPad is new 6th gen, software up to date. I have a couple of issues and a question, if you have the time.

Here's are my issues:

  1. I tap in my beat, ready to lay down the first loop. The metronome has no '1' - just silence, then high hat on 2, 3, and 4. I record (without the '1' - kinda tough) and as soon as the loop plays, the bass drum is back on the one. It doesn't matter if monitoring is set on or off - the result is the same. Can I get the metronome to play with the kick prior to a loop playing back?

  2. The metronome will not shut off during performance. Let's say I have a few loops going, and I want to mute the metronome for a couple of bars. I touch the metronome, and it goes dark - but the beat is still coming through my speaker and headphones. I touch it again and it lights up - still running (like I assume it should). Is there a way to mute the metronome during a loop performance?

  3. This one isn't as important, but still puzzles me. The metronome is very loud compared to the rest of my audio. I have to turn it down to practically zero to match my instruments (see setup below) Is there a way to either match my audio to the normal volume of the metronome, or a way to turn the metronome volume range down?

And finally, here's my question:

I would love to use some percussion loops instead of the metronome for live looping. I understand the developer has an app called 'Audiobus 3' that looks interesting, and may be useful for this application? I would like to drag a drum loop into Loopy and have it be on a loop set so that the rest of the loops I record are in time with it. Is it possible to have a drum loop from another app act as the master time loop so that the rest of my loops are timed perfectly with it? If so, what apps would I need? Audiobus 3 along with a drum loop app? What app/apps would you recommend for this purpose?

Thanks so much for your time, whomever is reading this. I really want to get Loopy working for me in a live looping situation - I could never stomp loop pedals in time close enough to feel comfortable using them live. If I can make this app work, I would be one happy musician!

Thanks much -



  • Hey @Feast - thanks for the kind words!

    That's totally bizarre that the metronome is missing the downbeat until a loop is recorded...I have absolutely no theories about why that might be happening. Gremlins. Is there a chance you could record a little video showing setting up the tempo and then recording the first loop, so I can take a closer look (you could email it to [email protected])?

    As for no. 2, it sounds to me like probably the metronome sound is being recorded back into the input. Live looping always presents challenges for setting up audio gear correctly, because if there's a feedback cycle then the sound from playing loops will compound. You can verify that that's what's happening here by turning off the metronome and then muting the playing loops - presumably, you'll stop hearing the metronome then. Tell me if I'm wrong, though!

    With that said, I'm not seeing any microphone in your setup here that would be picking up the output, so this is a bit confusing. That looks like a pretty serious mixer, so I doubt it's going to be having i/o crosstalk problems. Do you have any theories about where it's coming from?

    No. 3, the relative metronome level: sounds like the gain's just set too low on your mixer, no? I'm not familiar with that hardware, but can't you just turn it up?

    Custom percussion loops: sure thing. You can make a loop and import it into a new Loopy session, and just have it playing on one of the pads. You could set up a drum machine app in the background, with Ableton Link enabled (or synced to Loopy via MIDI clock). If you want it playing through Loopy, you can use Audiobus to connect the drum machine's output to Loopy's input (along with the input from your interface).

  • Hi, Michael - thanks for taking the time!

    Yes - I’ll make a little video showing the metronome problems and send it. I’ll have time tomorrow, and I very much appreciate you looking into it.

    As far as the metronome mute not working, it appears to be exactly as you say - the metronome is being captured into the loops somehow. If I mute loops, the metronome goes away - start the loops back up, and it’s back even when the metronome is muted. There is no mic in the setup, except for the iPad internal mic, which I understand should be disabled when the iPad is hooked up as I show. That is correct, yes?

    And thanks on the advice on importing loops - I have some research to do!

    Thank you for your support! I’ll get you the video ASAP.

  • edited June 2019

    Hi, @Michael I sent a Dropbox link of the movie I made with the problems - the video was too large to email. Let me know if this works for you, and thanks.

  • Great, thanks heaps for that, and sorry bout the delay - I got stabbed in the eye with pencil by a toddler (not ours) and have been out of action, if you can believe it 🙄

    Will see if I can figure out what's going on soon (it may be a couple weeks, though, fair warning).

  • Eye wound! It's a hazard of kids lol. Thanks for looking into this - I'll keep my eye out (ha!) for a response to my problem.

    Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks a bunch!

  • Michael: "Jeez, I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a pencil instead of dealing with another MIDI sync problem"
    Toddler: "OK, does this help?"

    Seriously, thank dog major damage didnt occur - one-eyed developers are too stubborn!

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