Best App to record from a digital piano using a MIDI cable.

I have a Casio digital piano and I would like to record the sound output from a MIDI cable (connect the MIDI output into IPAD 2 using a Ipad USB Hub) using Loopy HD.
Loopy finds my keyboard, because it shows in the MIDI settings in Loopy and I can successfully bind MIDI keys in Loopy.
My question is: What is the best, cheapest, compatiblye software that can sends a MIDI instrument sound (piano, drum, and other instrummens) to Loopy.


  • Truth is there's a staggering array of synth apps, and what's going to work best for you is a very personal choice. I'd recommend getting something that's AUv3 (audio unit extension) compatible. Here's a list of AUv3-compatible generators (not all of which are synths, but you can use the search box to filter further):

    You could also try asking for recommendations on the Audiobus forum (

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