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Merge Track Issue

Trying to merge tracks and I'm getting an error message: "can't merge tracks, there is no common track length". I'm essentially making a backtrack here, so my track length is 78 @ 8/8. I have 2 tracks I'm trying to merge. Is it because of the length of the loop? Within the same session, I have another track that is 4 @ 8/8, and another that is 8 @ 8/8, and I'm able to merge these 2. What am I missing? thanks! Rich


  • I've tested this several times. It appears that the "cut-off" to merge tracks is at 61. Is this correct? Can this be changed to unlimited? Thank you!

  • Hey @chicagolooptastic - I'm afraid Loopy's just not designed to handle audio this long; you're probably better using a DAW, like GarageBand. Loopy's really just a live looper, and stuff this long isn't really a factor.

  • Thanks for the response. Yes...what I've done is track/mix in Garageband, and then import into Loopy. Problem solved. :)

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