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Help with figuring out setup for live looping

I am planning to do a small live performance using Loopy and I am struggling to figure out the setup.

My plan was to use it on an iPhone; set the output to a portable Bluetooth speaker; connect a Shure SM58 directly to it (with a TRRS cable) and have it as an input. I did a small test just having the Bluetooth speaker as the output and using a headset mic as the input (haven't purchased the TRRS cable yet), and recording the first track is fine, but when I record the second one, it is not in sync as there is probably a very small delay due to the Bluetooth.

Then I realized the Scarlett 2i4 interface that I have lying around might be a better fit for this. I would plug the mic there and then plug it to the iPhone using some other cables (basically using a powered USB hub just to turn on the interface), and then I would plug the iPhone audio jack to a speaker. Would that be a better setup? The goal is obviously to record what goes into the mic without the feedback of the speaker, and also avoid the Bluetooth latency.

Would I need also something like Audiobus to properly route the interface to Loopy, or can it receive its output natively?

Thanks for any insights you guys might have.

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