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Why no support of Ios 9?


As I notice that Audiobus 3 is supporting Ios9, I was wondering why loopy doesn't do it as well?
Maybe @Michael could enlighten us?


  • I can't quite remember why - I think it was just a low-demand thing; it's always easier to support just two or three major iOS versions, because otherwise you need to keep a bunch of devices around for testing, or just don't do any testing on those older versions and hope for the best. If very few people are on the older versions, often it makes sense to focus on just the later ones.

    With Audiobus, I recently chose the latter path (I don't have any devices on iOS 9, but it seems to be okay), because I was seeing increased demand from users with old devices. I could give it a shot with Loopy too; I just tried it and it seems to build okay. So if you wanted to be my iOS 9 tester, we could see how we go =)

  • Oh, OK. I though it was a technical reason, and I was just curious.
    Well if it is not too much of a hassle, I'd be glad to be able able to use the last versions of Loopy obviously.
    At least for Loopy Pro, which I am waiting for with great impatience like everyone else.

    And, yeah, I'll be glad to help you beta test.

  • Beta is out and ready for your iOS 9 perusal, @ttk - let me know how you go.

  • OK, I just installed it.
    So far so good...

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