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Loop pedal behavior help

Trying to accomplish simple punch-in/out loop similar to those loop pedals we've all seen. I want to be able to set my own tempo or maybe even no consistent tempo at all.
Experimenting with mapping some controls to a USB foot switch and wondering what the best settings are for what I'm trying to accomplish.

Currently I have one pedal assigned to 'Toggle Record' on down press and 'Clear track' on long press (is there an UNDO?). I also have 'Count-in recording' and 'Count-out recording' turned off. The issue I am having is that sometimes I just have a random short loop like a 1 bar beat-box or something and when I press stop it doesn't stop right away. I can't always tell the difference (function wise) between single tap and double tap. Double tapping seems like a strange way to stop recording when such precision is required. I'm confused.


  • Hello,
    Are you talking midi mapping?
    As far as I remember, there is no "double tap" action when midi mapping in Loopy.

  • Looping pedals are mostly not very cheap. You might want to look into getting a used pedal or an open-box item.

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