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Organisation, Transfer and Management of Sessions

Hi I have so many Loopy Sessions on different devices, apart from the share function on each loop and the horrible session/loop package/file transfer system within iTunes is there any other wonderful simple methods for moving data around between devices?

I currently have to transfer all sessions off IOS to folders within the hideous iTunes file transfer window then organise them on my macbook, and then transfer them back for performances etc...any nicer systems, or a way of creating folders on IOS devices to make managing data more user-friendly?

I imagine that you guys are locked out of anything to make moving data on IOS around for fear of users having to much control over their own data etc!!

Thanks for all the great work on all your apps, I'm a big fan. Really want to streamline my setup with other users...know any amzing heads in London who like to jam and improve their live music tech setups??

All the best, Llew


  • Sorry about the delay getting back to you, @tewllew! Thanks heaps for the kind words. I'm sorry to say it's iTunes File Transfer only right now (iExplorer/iFunbox etc only now iTunes doesn't actually do this any more!), but I'll be adding iCloud/Files support soon.

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