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Loopy’s only limitation

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In my opinion loopy has only one limitation and it’s a big one if you’re a live looper that play guitar and sing at the same time: The inability to assign inputs to specific loops.

The way it is now I have to choose to either rout everything through loopy and get a Ton of bleeding from the mic when I’m trying to just loop the acoustic guitar. Or I need to only run the guitar through loopy and forget about looping vocals. Which sucks. Cause making vocal harmonies on the fly is awesome.

I heard some other requests before and I’m sure a lot more people would benefit from the add-on. Even if this becomes a paid add-on I would buy it in a heartbeat. Cause I truly love loopy and think Michael has been amazing for all of us.

Please Michael! Add this feature. It will make your app unbeatable compared to any other looper on the planet including the hardware ones!

Loop specific input assignments
  1. Would you like to be able to assign individual inputs to each loop?3 votes
    1. Yes that would be awesome
    2. Not really! That would make no difference


  • I voted for “not really” because you can easily work around this with a second app purchase that works alongside of Loopy HD. “Audiobus” is an app designed to route iOS audio for live performances. You can route different inputs to Loopy this way very easily. Mic, guitar, keys, drums, everything can be routed direct to speakers for live output and then also routed to Loopy for recording loops. You can mute/unmute the different channels that are being sent to Loopy tracks so that a track will only record the specific inputs you want at any given time.

    I don’t agree with the ”that would make no difference” part of the poll here, of course it would be a bit easier if this were built inside of Loopy, but it is not hard to set it up with Audiobus.

  • Actually, @Hmtx, I think @Ajinla's right about this one - with AB you can route loop outputs to different places, but Loopy only has one input selector right now. You can rig a MIDI controller up to switch the inputs and stuff, though, so there's that at least. But I most certainly concede Loopy could benefit from this feature. It's gonna be in Loopy Pro, which - I swear - I'll get to this year =)

  • I use the zoom U44 and I have always been able to select which input I want to select for each loop I record. They appear like four grey circles with the input selected being whichever you want from the four options - only two seem to work, the other two just make only one side of a stereo signal record.

    The workaround above can be good, but I find the whole system gets really unstable once multiple inputs are routed around the place on AB3 LHD and audio unit effects. The fun moment in the middle of a performance, when they all simultaneously disappear = commence freestyles or beatbox until I can reboot everything that was being used on the ipads!

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