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getting audio crackle with apps going to Loopy HD via Audiobus3

Hello, I have a 2018 iPad pro and I'm getting some significant audio crackling when i try to input audio apps into Loopy HD.

The input apps I'm using are Samplr, Animoog, and Reason Compact.

they play fine when the output is just the speaker, but as soon as I load Loopy HD into the output, it's crackly.

Interestingly, Figure doesn't seem to crackle as an input source.

I've tried a variety of buffer settings and syncing options and just updated the system to the latest IOS, to no avail.

Any ideas on how to remedy the issue would be appreciated.



  • Hey Matthew - thanks for the reply to the email about swapping out GarageBand for Loopy. Sounds like this might be Loopy-specific!

    Few other questions for you, to try to shed some light on what's happening:

    Does it take all three of those apps at once before the crackle happening? Or is it enough to just have one of those? When it's crackling, what's it sound like? A recording would be very helpful here - I'm trying to work out if it's every single buffer that's being distorted, or if it's sporadic, like a CPU overload issue. Following that avenue: what's the Audiobus CPU indicator saying, when you're hearing the crackle?

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