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Getting doubled signals when routing individual tracks through AUM

Hey I’m trying to route individual tracks through various AU’s so I can drop an effect or stutter or something onto a track but I’m experiencing a doubled signal coming through AUM when I try to do this, so that I get the dry signal behind (or even on top of) the wet one. I even keep getting the dry signal when I mute the channel in AUM. This is with monitor on or off, doesn’t matter.

This doesn’t happen if done in AudioBus, which is nice, but I want to be able to record the live looping set in AUM so I have to route everything through there. What this means is that I have to route each track individually into AUM as if I just send the combined loopy output from AB to AUM I get that same doubled dry/wet track thing happening with my other individually routed track with the effect on it. This keeps me from being able to put some simple delay on the end of everything, or some serious mangling to the whole project, without having to route each track individually (or grouped in AB) to AUM. Problem with this seems to be it jacks up the CPU and even with my IPad Pro it all starts to unravel from there...any solutions for this?

The first problem seemed like a bit of a bug in AUM but I emailed Jonatan and he told me to ask Michael as it’s a loopy thing because “If you hear Loopy signal even when you mute the channel in AUM, it means Loopy is playing directly to your audio output, bypassing the host.”

I have gone a bit crazy trying to route and re-route and re-re-route things to make it work!


  • Whoops, sorry about the delay @WouldBeStrings! I'm on this, just forgot to reply here. Just getting Audiobus 3.4 out the door, then I'll take a crack at this and a couple of other outstanding things with Loopy. Next week or two.

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