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I have an iPad 3. Love this loopy app and just updated to ios6. Would like xlr and 1/4 in. inputs with 1/4 in. out to send to a sound system or recording deck. The Alesis dock would be perfect but it appears that many people are finding that it does not work with the current iPad. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • I don't have a Problem with ipad3 and the alesis i/o dock. Everything works fine.
    You can also use any USB soundcard supported nativly by Mac OS. All you Need is the Camera Connection Kid and propably a powered USB Hub.

  • Thanks for the response. Are you inputting vocal mic, guitar/bass and have you experienced latency using a keyboard controller?

  • Has anyone tried the focusrite itrack solo. Can you send the stereo line out directly to a channel on another recording device?

  • I just bought my iPad3 two weeks ago and I don't know why it has slow wifi connection. Even my iTunes music's gone.

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