Background noise in Irig Drum Pad Track

I tried to search this but it's an open question that can get a lot of answers off topic.
I play with a drum pad into loopy through irig2.
Example: Let us say I record 6 loops in a song.
When I solo the 6th loop it will have a very faint sound of all other 5 tracks in the background. Very faint but it's there. I record in headphones and it's almost like the iPhone mic is picking up the outside sound when an instrument is plugged in.
I tried to have the microphone off but it won't record when I turn it off.
What can I do to fix this?


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    Hi @shanew. I'm afraid it's the irig that's the problem: it's an analog audio adapter, not a proper digital audio interface, and its input signal path shares the same space as the output signal path, which means you inevitably get crosstalk between them, where the output induces a signal in the input. Only way to fix it is to replace the irig in your setup

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