How to record the right and left channels separately in MONO?

I've seen that Audiobus3 can separate tracks 1,2,3, ... from Loopy HD. Is there any way to separate the send channels (right / left). Example in channel I send the microphone and in the other the guitar, in which both will be recorded and reproduced in MONO.
I did this using Loopy and Looy HD simultaneously, but it's much harder to control and preview the screens during the presentation.


  • Hey @maya - I'm afraid not right now. I might add that functionality at a later point but not for a while I'm afraid.

  • Hey @Michael
    If you want to do a beta test for me, I'll take it. Well I think if Loopy and Loopy HD worked .
    I believe that with this feature only one app, it will work even better.

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