Sudden record and monitor failure/focusrite interface

I’ve been successfully using LoopyHD and Loopy on phone and IPad mini for years. This week everything failed: I cannot get signal from the instrument or the mic through my focusrite dock. However saved loop sessions will load and play through the system, i just can’t get new signal in.

I switched from the dock to a Focusrite 8i8 but unable to get two signals to monitor or record as well, though multiple channels will monitor ok. I have identified the two channels (1+2) to record (btw this is clunky) but only the instrument records, while both inputs are being monitored. I have to manually tell the app to switch to either 1 or 2 to get the instrument or the mic to record.

Could this be due to the iOS update (12.1.4)? Is there a fix? It’s monday in LA and i’m Supposed to perform on Friday .


  • There are so many different factors here it is hard to say what might be happening.

    If you are running Loopy as part of a live rig, I would recommend purchasing Audiobus. It adds options and more control to the audio routing.

    One possible issue: In Loopy, recording channels 1+2 will hard pan the signals as a stereo pair, so channel 1 is left and channel 2 is right. This means that if your sound system is mono, Loopy might be recording both signals but you would only be hearing left or right in the sound system.

    With Audiobus you can enter each channel as a single input to Loopy. This way each input is centered in the stereo field. You can also enter Loopy’s main output to be directed to a stereo out on your Audio interface, or summed to a mono output to a specific channel output on your interface.

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