Obviously no support??? I was wrong! Loopy is fantastic!

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Well I purchased both versions of loopy (Stupid me). Its pretty obvious from the lack of response to most posts here that the developer is simply not bothered. The majority of requests are for loop labeling. Many going back months! All simply ignored! This has led me to give my first negative review ever on iTunes. Its a shame really because this App had the potential to be a really good tool! This may be ideal for the bedroom musician but for a guy on stage with many other things going on, labelling is far more important than aesthetics!


  • Merceybeat,
    I've just done a search for "labels" throughout the whole forum and you only show 3 posts, all on the 27th of Sept.. Either you have very little patience or you've used another name to post ("some going back months"?).
    I've found Michael to be very responsive to real bugs and fixes and he's certainly been part of the new ideas discussions.
    If you can find a better looping device or app. for $8.00, with more responsive support, do it. But if you're really "outta here", I think you'll miss some very exciting updates (remember Apple decides how long they're on hold), and your input will be missed.
    This may be a 'bedroom' device to you now but please stick around and help it develop into the pro tool you need. It won't cost you a penny more.
    BTW, I sold my RC-300 for this and haven't looked back.

  • Well theres a 22 post discussion here ...


    Starting way back in January and the developer agreed to add labels in the next update... his words ---"Righto! Well, in that case, consider it done. I might do both, given that I'm pretty sure I can do so without adding interface clutter."

    I agree it has the potential to be a great APP, Actually I am willing to pay more for the labeling!

    Im not out to offend! Just a shame when something is so close to perfection!!!


  • Thank you for the support, @hixsonia!

    @merseybeat, I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed. I work extremely hard on Loopy, and would like to consider myself very responsive to ideas, and I take great joy from talking and working with people on this forum, many of whom have genuinely contributed great things to the app. I work closely with the Loopy community, and regularly add features that are requested; the most recent obvious example is the track twist markers I added in the last update. Track colours and labelling are two things that are relatively high on my to-do list, but Loopy is developed by just me, no huge team of developers, and at the same time I'm the sole developer working on Audiobus, so my time is split between these two projects, and I must prioritise certain things over others, for the good of the community at large. This is simply the nature of software development - it's hard work, and things take time to get right. If you cannot accept that, then I'm sorry to hear it, but I'm afraid there isn't a great deal I can do.

  • How about I make a donation for your time in putting in the labels Michael?

    Ed :)

  • Your support and understanding is payment enough, Ed. I am aware that there are highly desired features still to be implemented, including undo and effects, and I'm doing the best I can to bring these to Loopy. But I'm not going to rush these things and end up with a buggy, poorly-conceived and difficult-to-use product - it's more important to me to have a high-quality product that people can rely on.

  • OK Michael, you have actually put a smile on my face! Me for one would be very happy with just 5 characters in the center. So I could get things like "INTRO" , 'V1' 'V2' 'MID8' 'END' Etc. and maybe a current project name at the top of the screen! I'll wait :)



  • Of all the loopers people have been making incredible music with for decades now, I can't think of one that as labels. Sure, loopy could add them (though with a finite number of hours in a day, it'd be at the expense of some other feature) and for some they'd be handy in certain situations but c'mon man, give the guy a break. Takes about 2 minutes and a slightly open mind to browse the forum and see that he's extremely active and responsive. New features, he listens and sometimes discusses. Bugs, he sorts out with the user, apologizes if it was an error (huge, to me) and fixes them or explains a temporary work around.

    I hope you'll reconsider your App Store review. Those matter more than people think.

  • (It's true, by the way. Negative App Store reviews do have an impact on sales, and also, I have to say, hurt. It can be quite painful seeing people say awful things about your baby.)

  • Fustration was showing its ugly head! Again appolgies! There will be no negative review!
    Im actually finding ways to work around it!

    Again sorry!


  • PS I have probably spent $$$ on Apps only to find them not what I wanted at all (No way to test them out before you buy). I suppose I just took it out on poor Michael!
    Loopy has actually won me over! Its a breeze to gig with! Ive just had to adjust my set list a little!


  • People who say sorry are awesome.

  • Totally - cheers, Ed =) No problem!

  • Michael! I'm actually an Ex Pro musician who has worked with a lot of known bands! For the last few years I have been out in Saudi Arabia working as a Biomedical Specialist! Every now and then I take a few weeks off and go touring with my "Jazz Set" I have a few thousand people on my Facebook! I'm about to plug your App in a big way! I cant think of a single musician who wouldn't love Loopy! I have tried every looper out there and this has totally upped my game! Along with my Micro Cube, iPAd and Loopy I am now totally mains free! Happy days!


  • Oh, that's lovely! Cheers, Ed!

    Also, bon voyage =)

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