request: loopy monitor app?

Hey so this is maybe totally off the wall, but i'd really like an app that just remotely monitors loopy's state. Kind of like AB remote, but no remote needed, just a clear display of loopy's status. Basically, when i'm performing, i'm often looping something from another app that i need to have on screen, but it would be super handy to see what loopy is doing. I do this with AB remote and my phone, but it's hard to see how much time is left in my loop, and it won't tell me if a loop is reversed or not. I do all my control of loopy with controllers, so i just want a little display.


  • Hey @muffin - interesting idea! I'll certainly think about it, although I can't guarantee anything like that happening soon :D

  • Just midi out from Loop(pro) will be enough.
    Then, we will use apps like lemur/midi designer/touchOsc , to monitor&control everything from outside.

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