Fleksi - loopy integrated for live use.

This is the first video in the new series of live performances. It utilises AB3 as a host with Loopy providing all the audio looping. Any questions, fire away.



  • Nice! I enjoyed that 😀 it’s good to see you in full live looping action after reading your posts on these forums for ages.

    What’s the pad type machine you’re using? Is it a push? I need a decent pad to play drums on and can’t decide wether to go cheap for a MPD218, or spend more and get more features with a Launchpad pro or a Push.

    I really should try to finish a tune and share it. I’ve come up with quite a few ideas the last year or so using Midi Guitar to play various soft synths. Thinking of trying the Song of the Month club on the AudioBus forum.

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