Bluetooth headphone latency compensantion please

edited February 2019 in Support and Feedback

Experimenting with using Bluetooth headphone and trying to record.
As expected recordings done while listening in Bluetooth headphone don’t sync.
If we start with a blank session and make the 1st loop, since this sets the timing all is good.
Recording next loop or any loop thereafter will be out of sync.

Since we already have the ability to TimeOffset manually.
As a solution when using Bluetooth headphones it should be easy to automatically offset the loop automatically after recording is done by a few milliseconds.
This could be as a function that could be enabled/disabled and if required have a manual offset slider to fine tune the function.



  • Ahh good old Bluetooth audio! A manual latency adjustment control isn't a bad idea - sadly, Bluetooth audio doesn't report latency properly (otherwise it would work already, as Loopy does use the latency reported by the audio hardware), so a manual control would be necessary. I'll look into it.

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