Record Guitar?

All I want to do is create a loop with my guitar, no overdubbng, using my ipad’s built-in microphone. Is this possible? Can ‘t figure it out. Thanks.


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    Certainly, @kennethjohnsonart - assuming you don't have a foot pedal, the easiest way is to set a tempo and turn on the metronome (either the flasher or the audible click), and enable count-in and out to set your loop length.

    1. Enable Count-In/Out Enable count-in and out by opening Settings, Track Management, then turning on "Count-in recording", and setting "Count-out recording" to Enabled.
    2. Start tempo Tap or drag the panel switcher on the side of the panel until you see the tempo controls, then either tap out your tempo or drag the tempo slider. You can also connect MIDI hardware to set the tempo, or use any Link-compatible app.
    3. Turn on metronome Enable the metronome by tapping or dragging the panel switcher to the metronome controls - either the icon of the flashing light, or the metronome symbol for visual and audio metronomes, respectively. If you're not using headphones, you might want to use the flasher, so you don't record the metronome as well as your guitar.
    4. Set loop duration If you want a loop duration longer than one bar, move to the loop duration controls (you'll see x ÷ + - and 1 buttons). Tap x to double loop duration, ÷ to halve, + to add a bar, - to subtract a bar, and 1 to set back to 1 bar.

    Once you're set up, tapping a loop will begin a count-in (you can also set how long you want a count-in to be - the default is it'll count in to the next loop interval). Once recording starts, it will end automatically after the set interval.

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