Best Loopy/AB/AUM workflow for monitoring/looping different inputs

Hi everyone,

New to the world of iOS looping and already getting addicted. Perhaps this has been answered or is easy to achieve but I haven't seen a specific workflow explanation that helps me with the setup i want to create, I would love your help :)

I have an RME babyface pro connected to my ipad pro, and various instruments connected to the 4 inputs on the babyface.

What is the best way to route everything between AUM/AB/Loopy so that I can switch between the inputs on the babyface that are feeding into loopy, without losing the monitoring of the other instruments, all with a one button tap on a midi controller.

So ideally I want to be able to hit a pad on my akai lpd 8 and it just send the vocal mic into loopy, another pad will switch to guitar (and bypass the mic and everything else) etc and the other instruments are bypassed from loopy but still sent out the master signal? I presume I need to set this up in AUM.

Is that action all midi controllable from a single cc message?

Thanks so much for your help! :smiley:

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