Register audio in from jack + headphone/mic splitter

I have an iphone 5s and this cable:

I've tried to plug the headphones in the headphones side of the splitter and the audio out of my behringer audio interface into the mic side of the splitter.
There is a synth (korg microkorg) in one of the behringer's input and if I play it, I can hear it (volume very low, though) in the headphones connected to the iphone while loopy is running, so it seems the signal is, in some way, coming. However, I cannot record the synth's sound in loopy, if I try to do it, nothing is recorded.
I guess the splitter I am using is not appropriate for the purpose but can you explain me why and give me some more info?
I am also not sure if I have to enable "live input recording" or not, the instructions don't seem very clear to me.

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi! My apologies for the delay - your message got lost in the spam queue (the forum gets quite a bit, and I don't always catch the real stuff!) and there seems to be an issue with Facebook page notications I'm not getting. Anyway:

    This seems like perhaps an input level issue. If you turn up the loop gain all the way after recording (clockwise circle gesture on the pad), do you hear anything?

  • Does your behringer audio interface have USB for connecting to a computer? If it does then You can actually use your iPhone 5s as the “computer host” if you buy this adapter from Apple:

    It costs a bit more but will let you use Loopy with pristine digital audio quality.

    To be honest, those analog 3.5mm adapters like what you bought can work OK for practice but will never sound great and there will almost always be audio bleed between playback (headphone out) and recording (mic in).

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