Spd-sx (roland drum trigger) with loopy and fcb1010

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I have had no issue getting the fcb1010 to work via the CCK and a USB hub. Now I want to be able to create loops on the fly by recording the SPD-SX in loops.

From what I am reading it appears that I have to have an audio interface connected to the USB hub as well? Then plug the SPD into the hub as well as the FCB? The SPD has a bunch of midi functionality but I really just want to play the thing and record/start/stop loops.

I have spare audio interfaces and a laptop if necessary, or if that is the only option. I was just hoping for something a bit simpler.


  • Ok got this to work with an audiobox usb from personus, CCK, powered USB hub, and the head phone out from the SPD-SX. Surprised it all came together so fast.

    I didn’t get a chance to test it for a while. I was just trying to fit it all together in my head. And it all finally clicked.

    I use the SPD-SX almost entirely. For triggering loops of other pre recorded instruments (bass, guitar, synth etc). Yet I was really wanting to be able to create percussion loops on the fly.

    I had tried already to get the FCB1010 to work with loopy, which was shockingly easier than I expected. My hang up was how to get it and my Roland gear to talk to loopy.

    This app is amazing. Extremely well executed. Can’t give enough praise to the developer.

  • Thanks heaps, @stllinux! Glad you got it sorted.

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