Loopy hd + other music apps

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My English is not very good but I'm going to try to ask a question, I want to record sound from another app with loopy hd is that possible? And how do you do that? because the output of the sound is thus also the entrance! Is there a possibility to take this on?

As I said my English is not so good and I have to translate all the text by an online translator if there are Dutch people on the forum are present and who know the answer let know that you're Dutch so I better understand your explanation!

Thanks looperss


  • Hi @Mike. This isn't possible right now, but I'm working on a new project which will facilitate this. Google "audiobus".

  • @Michael
    Your an IOS pioneer. I really look forward to audiobus. Great news about Auria being onboard.
    Will there be global features all apps use such as play, rec, stop?
    I can see the need to be able to cue record to come in for example in 4 sec with metronome playing in order to get timings right. And things like laying sounds into loopy and then sending them to Auria for mastering.

  • Thanks, @Nathan =)

    Well, play/rec/stop/etc won't be global, as there're some apps that it just doesn't apply to (no need for record in a fart app!). But developers will be able to define triggers for their apps as they see fit. Loopy already has record and play/pause, for example.

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