Change input channel with midi device

Hi, I have a 4 channel audio device that works well. Generally I’ll be using a mic for vocals, an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar on separate inputs. I know how to change which input I want to use on the app but can’t find a way to do this with a midi controller. I'm using an fcb1010 and I would like to assign a few pedals for changing the input. Is this possible?


  • Hey @noisyninja - my apologies, I've been away and just getting to my inbox now!

    I'm afraid there's no MIDI control for this just yet, but I'll take a note and see what I can do.

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    hello here,
    I'm like @noisyninja , I wonder if it is possible to assign specific inputs to specific loopy tracks.
    Because I sing and play guitar, and I wish to loop one or the other independently.
    any idea ?
    thanks :)

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    @B33tl3 [edited] it looks like Loopy cant be set up to assign specific inputs to specific Loopy tracks. One work-around might be to use Loopy for one source and Loopy HD for the other source. I think both apps can be operating simultaneously and independently on the same iPad or iPhone.

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