Poor Mans Boss Looper for acoustic piano

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Hi, I saw this guy do this video with his Boss Looper and piano. I would really like to try something like this. Can I use a usb midi controller to control Loopy with my feet? How fast/accurate is it, would I be able to pull off something like this video? I know this guy mixed everything later, but this is still pretty cool.


Thanks for any help.


  • That was great! Way cool.

    Yeah, you can use a foot controller - it's pretty accurate, and accuracy can be further improved with count-in/out so you don't have to worry about timing if you don't wanna. But all loops (except the first one, if you choose to start the clock with the first loop) are synchronised anyway.

    As for reproducing that performance - I dunno, I'd have to analyse it pretty closely to figure out what exactly he did.

  • As a piano player, I had never even considered a looper pedal. But this is just too cool!

    Thanks for the info. I guess a hacked-up keyboard is probably my best bet for now. I have a programmable x-keys too that would work well.

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    Yeah, I’d love to see more piano loopers. I’m sure it’s tricky cause an acoustic piano has to be mic’d, which can build up unwanted noise when creating multiple layers and loops.

    For what it’s worth, that YouTube example is a great video, and some great post-production audio work, but not in the least bit a “live looping” performance. The looper pedal is just a prop and all the parts are pre-recorded. He’s not doing near enough footwork there to explain all the layer build-up, muting/unmuting, effects, etc. I wish artists wouldn’t do this type of video, I mean the song stands on its own without pretending he can do all that live in a “one-take” session. and besides, it makes us live-loopers look bad since no one can actually do that.

    Not to detract you from looping, just... don’t expect those results ;-)

  • oh, hey Tony I found another loop performing pianist.

    This is a more realistic idea of what you can do looping an acoustic piano. Its obviously not as polished as your link above, but... thats because this is actually a live looping performance rather than a studio-produced recording later turned into a music video. ;-) enjoy

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