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Firstly, just want to say that Loopy is such a brilliant app - thanks for all your hard work, Michael!

I'm new to looping and am still getting to grips with trying to record acoustic guitar and vocals. I havent played around in Loopy for a while and just updated the app yesterday.

I took ages to figure out how to share to Soundcloud. I was looking for an option in the side panel section, but eventually realised there is a 'share' in the track options!

Sorry if this is a bit daft, but if i have built up a few loops in a session and I want to post them to Soundcloud as one layered loop, is the only way to do this to merge all the tracks together then select share from the merged track?

I haven't used the session record features yet, but if I was to build a track up this way by playing and muting tracks into a 'song', is there an easy way of sharing the results to Soundcloud as one track?

Also, I merged a few loops together yesterday and shared to Soundcloud to see if it worked. The loop uploaded fine, but I was a bit concerned because I had chosen to upload it as private, but it posted as public! I tried it a few times and the same thing happened each time. I really didn't want anyone to hear it as it sounded terrible, so I deleted it as quickly as possible. Has anyone else had the same issue, or are you able to look into this at all, Michael?

Keep up the good work. :)


  • Thanks, @brubottle!

    Session recording's what you want (toggled by the "REC" button on the control panel, and accessible later via the "Recordings" section). You can share to SoundCloud/etc from "Recordings".

    I hadn't realised there was a problem with the public/private setting, though - I'll look into this!

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    Ah right, excellent - will need to give it a go.

    That'd be great if you could check into the privacy settings.

    Thanks again.

    Edit: Just to let you know, I tried to upload a recording as Private and it posted to Soundcloud as Public, the same as it did from an individual track. Cheers.

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