Best Way to Start Over

Loopy HD has become odd and unreliable and I want to put everything back to factory settings, as I have no idea what's wrong. Some setting I have changed in trying to go back and forth between using Loopy HD standalone and using it with Audiobus has caused it to not work reliably. Is there a simple way to do this? I have looked for a "reset to default" but don't see one.



  • Oh dear! That's a worry; can you tell me more about this misbehavior? Also, could you use the "support" feature to send me your diagnostics?

    After that: deleting and reinstalling should reset everything. Be sure to backup your sessions and recordings first.

  • Michael, thanks for your response. I thought I was going to get an email notification of any response, but my preferences weren't set, and so I thought no one had answered. (They are set now)

    I am going to look at deleting and reinstalling, although I think an option to go back to "factory defaults" would be better for the future.

    Can anyone comment on how to assure that everything is backed up? I only use the Ipad for Loopy and other music apps, and generally and somewhat ignorant of how to do stuff. ICloud appears to be doing backups and says that 4.3 of my 5 GB is used for Backups. Does that mean all files, including Loopy HD? Loopy is not listed among the apps using iClound, but I assume that means direct usage.

    Any direction here would be helpful.

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