Can Loopy HD Make Loops From iPad Keyboard, Bass And Drum Apps And Render Songforms?

Hi -

I am shopping for an iPad looper that can do the following, while busking (so I don't want any other hardware, such as a dedicated keyboard with sounds, large audio interface, etc.). I have a small keyboard controller with no sounds of its own, my saxophone, a mic and the iRig Pro. Here's what I want to do:

  1. loop internal iPad keyboard, bass and drum apps (e.g., Neo Soul Keys, iFretless Bass, Patterning);

  2. loop my saxophone through my condenser mic via iRig Pro; AND

  3. allow me to create loops that use "American Songbook" type song forms, and not just one repetitive loop, e.g, "Rhythm Changes" (A-A-B-A, where "A" and "B" are loops and each one is 8 bars, but the "A" and "B" are not the same loop); 12 bar Blues with 8 bar bridge, etc.?

I have Audiobus.

The competition is Loopereverse.

Honestly, for my purpose, which is better, assuming both will accomplish the above tasks?

Much thanks,

  • Jeff ( Jazz saxophonist / pianist)


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    @Jeffrey_Newton - I do not have Looperverse, so I can not recommend it over Loopy. I can however point out where you may struggle with Loopy, and that is with loops of different length ( as suggested by you 12 bar blues with 8 bar bridge). The A-A-B-A example, each 8 bars would not be a problem. Multiples of 2 can work, but only going from 2x to 1x length. The other way may result in a 1x length silence while the 2x loop comes around to its beginning . Others require a manual triggering to restart at the end of one loop (beginning of next loop). There is no function to “chain” loops ( e.g. end loop 1 and play loop 2, etc..). Typically to transition from A to B to A ( equal length loops), one would set Count-in/out to On. Once a loop (e.g. A) is started and you tap it again (or send a mute track via a midi binding) the loop will mute when it reaches its end. To have the next loop (e.g. B ) start when the first one finishes, one would tap on the second loop while the first loop is still playing. Since Count-in/Out is On, the Loops will always UnMute/Mute (the loops are always running - as long as Loopy is not paused) at their Start/End (respectively) with reference to the loop clock.

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