Synchronize Tracks

When I first used Loopy HD, the tracks always used to be synchronized; there was never a problem. Whenever you touched a muted recorded track, it waited for the clock to come around and start, and always started in the right place.

Now, after using it with Audiobus and other apps, when I go back to using it alone, the tracks no longer always synchronize. Audiobus is not running, Ableton Link is disabled. The synchronize tracks setting is on, the count-in quantize is set to clock length, ....what setting might be off and need to be reset?

Is there a way to reset Loopy HD for solo use, and then another place to get it set for use with Audiobus?

Thanks for any help.


  • @gmpolin , I’ve noticed the same issue for the first time today and this is why I decided to visit loopyforum. I don’t have a solution yet, but will update you when I do. Lmk if you found the root of the issue as well, since I have iOS my suspicion is an error from updating the software.

  • I forgot to note A temporary quick fix that has been helpful for time being.
    tap stop then mute and Un- mute ( do this on all tracks that are out of sync ) I found that this resets the loop mark back to its original starting point. Once you press play they should all be synced up again.

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