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Best way to have more effects on your voice?

Loopy HD itself only has reverb. I would love to seamlessly be able to turn on/off effects like distortion, delay, chorus, etc. Does anyone know a good way to do this with just your phone?

Maybe I would use something like beatmaker 3 routed through audiobus, and whenever I change the effect, I would do so in beatmaker 3? Does anyone have any ideas for this?


  • if you would run aum, connect it to loopy through audiobus, then you could other apps like aufx for compression, reverb, delay, eq in aum...

  • You can use AUM too if you like, but there's no need to introduce another app into the picture; you can use Audiobus to take Loopy's output and run it through the effects you want, or the other way around, taking input from your audio interface, running them through effects and then into Loopy. You can toggle the effects, change params etc through MIDI Learn in Audiobus.

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