iRig + iPad (amplitube and loopy) and some other equipment

Hello guys!

I was reading the last few days, and I have to say THANKS for all the info in the forums.

I would like to start a solo "career", since I was working for 25 years in bands (I'm 42 now). And of course, a portable setup would be awesome.

I have some guitars, but probably I will be using a Gretsch 5420T. This will be connected to an iRig, wich will be reading what amplitube says on an iPad. The iPad could go to the power stage of a solid state Fender amp I have, that way I will be colouring the sound with amplitube and powering with the amp. So, I need to know what to do with mic. My idea is to sing and play the guitar, loop someguitar/vocal parts, and so. Should I use a mixer and put the mixer before the iPad? Should I use another computer/iPad/iPhone? What do you recommend to finish this thing?

Thank you very much guys!!

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